Happy Summertime!


I have just finished teaching a summer school. I am very grateful that I had the work but at this time I am happy to concentrate on other aspects of my life. This has been such a stressful, depressing and high anxiety year. Since my Father passed so quickly I have not had down time to regroup myself. I have only had to deal with one crazy situation to the next personally. But I have survived and I am refocused into being mindful of my environment.


On another note, I am sorry to say that at the end of this year the Garage will be closing its doors forever. The lease is up and as the story goes way to often in NYC the rent got raised and the building will be sold. As other landmarks in NY it will probably become a bank or some other silly business building instead of keeping it as a club that has been around for decades.


So please remember I am there with the Project of Love every fourth Saturday of the month for Brunch from 12pm – 4 pm. Hope to see you there.


On another musical note I am looking for a new place that I will be able to perform at once a month or more. If you know of a place that is a lovey atmosphere with food please let me know!


Soak up SUN and BBQ like there is no tomorrow!

My Father Leo Heydt

So long since I have blogged, that my months and days have ran together this
past season.  With a very heavy and sad heart I am writing to say my father Leo
Heydt has passed.  I spent the entire holiday season from the week before
Thanksgiving until after the New Year going to the hospital to be by my fathers
side.  I took 3 weeks to be down in PA hoping that he would be getting better
but when I came back to NYC I new he would be passing in a few days.  It was
great to be there with my Mom over that time and for us to share quality time
with Dad in the hospital. 

It is so strange for a parent to die.  I have
dreamt many nights of him and of being with family which I really have never
done before or not so frequently.  

 I am very grateful for all the support
that I received in NYC professionally to personally.  At this time, I am able to
reflect on the positive and have myself heal from the loss that I have had in

Leo Heydt was a simple man.  He led the life as a PA Dutch man and
was very proud to be able to speak the language to his family and friends.  I
never knew how to speak Dutch hence why I do not have an accent as others do
living in Berks County.  

He lived basically his entire life in the same
house he grew up in as a child and I was raised in the same house myself.  My
father only had an eighth grade education and then quite school to help his
father farm the land.  After many years farming, he started to work at the local
post office with his brother William.  My father was able to get a full time
position of working as a mailman and worked part time on the farm of running a
lumber mill and growing agriculture.

Upon my graduation from the University
Of The Arts, my father retired and just did things on the farm.  In his later
years his farming was mowing grass in the yard and cutting down any bush that
bothered him. 

My father donated his body to Science so we never had a
memorial or burial service.  We are planting a chestnut tree on the land in
remembrance of him.  

On July 4th we will be having a picnic at the house
with his favorite food hot dogs and homemade ice if you are in the area please
stop by.

Diggin Fall

Diggin the Fall!

I have been crazy busy with teaching music this past fall. I am so grateful for the work that has been offered to me and living my dream of having music in my life 7 days a week.

It seems that I am still tardy to be blogging all the time but I am going to try to focus on this once again in my life. It seems that when I get one puzzle piece together I get lackadaisical of another puzzle piece that I have going on…

I am very excited to say that I am now looking for a children’s book agent for “The Adventures of Fredi and Her Lily Pad Band.” This has been a project that I have been working on for almost 2 years now so I am so happy that it is at stage that it is now. I have sent the book out to over 30 agents and I have heard back from 3 that are not interested. If you know of an agent please in box me. Thanks.

The Project of Love has two more gigs at the Garage this year so please come on out and check the band if you are in town. Stay Blessed

Diggin John Blake Jr

Diggin the life of John Blake Jr. It is with a sadden heart with me that he departed last week. I first met John when I was a freshman at The University of the Arts. I was honored to be in several small group classes with him. He was so full of knowledge of the language of jazz and would often speak upon working with Grover Washington, McCoy Tyner, etc.   At times, John brought his son Jonathan to class and told us of how talented he was at playing drums. Well, at this time his son is a world famous jazz drummer traveling all over the world with his talent.

John took time to teach me privately on how to arrange for strings. I cannot thank him enough for encouraging me to be patient to develop my arranging skills.

Since my life after living in Philly I would see John throughout the years in NYC. We had lunch in midtown to catch up on music. I would go to see him perform at the Jazz Gallery or the Jazz Standard. Always being an incredible artist, teacher, human and friend.

Thank you for sharing your life with me and encouraging me to pursue my dream!


Feeling grateful of Diggin Life. I want to thank Marcus Bailey from I received an email from him last week where he informed me that he has been playing both of my CD’s on his radio program. His favorite song of all is my vocal song on my first CD “I Want You To Know”. I have thanked him and feel so grateful that he would write to me and tell me how he enjoyed my music. He will be doing a radio interview with me in the future when that transpires I will let you know and post it. Sometimes when you think is anyone listening or interested in your art someone comes knocking at your door or should I say you read it on email.


Stay true to yourself:))

Diggin the Summer

Diggin the summer. It has been several months since I have blogged and I

apologize to my readers for that….but now I am back.

The Project of Love has been keeping me busy as being a band leader and a



First, I want to thank Live at the Gantries for hiring me this year. For the

past 6 years I have been trying to perform at this outside venue at Gantry State

Park. This past year I was finally invited to perform so I took the first date

of the series. What an experience to perform outside. The location for this

performance is right on the East River over looking NYC. It is really a

beautiful site with the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline.


Needless to say, that day it was tremendously windy. The soundman was telling

me that in another hour when the band would play the wind would be a lot less

because the tide of the water would change and the wind would die down. Well

that did not happen. I was not able to perform on flute at all because of wind

hitting my face. Thank god the soundman had weights on him that we could

anchor down the music stands from blowing over but that did not stop my music

from blowing into the east river. I told the guys that my music will travel

throughout the world and touch other people.


Overall it was a wonderful experience. I want to Thank Vivian from the

Kupferberg Center of the Arts of Queens College. It proves to me to never give

up on something that you want in life even if it takes years and years for it to

come to existence. Please go on my Fan Page on Facebook if you would like to

see photos that were taken by Evelyn Dunn Steiner.

By April

Wow the month of April has now closed.

Time is going very rapidly when the

school season is about to end. Had a

terrific time spending time with family over

Easter. So inspiring to walk out in nature

and watching the buds grow to see life

starting again for the season.

The Project of Love had a great gig at the

Garage. I was so thrilled to play in front of

a group of students from the midwest.

There was a girl that bought both of my

CD’s. I am happy to inspire girls to follow

whatever dream that they have in life.

I was also interviewed by a freshman

college student. He is originally from PA.

He is going to Hofstra University. It was

interesting to answer his questions that he

had for me for an assignment and for him to

know personally.

One of his questions was, “When did you

know when you wanted to be a musician?”

I told him that I always wanted to play

music. I have always enjoyed playing

infront of people and enjoyed practicing to

learn more things about music. I feel in

many ways music has saved my life and

has made me the person that I am today.

Stay Blessed

Diggin’ the end of March Hello April!!

The ending of March was very crazy busy.  When you are a free lance artist you

have your hands in many places.


Want to Thank everyone who came out to the Garage at the end of March.  It was

really a great day of playing  and there was even a transgender that looked like

Rod Stewart!  What a hoot!!


Spring Break is coming and I can hardly wait!!  Been trying to catch up on all

of my duties as a band leader… Looking for gigs, tracking the recordings of

Diggin the Day….. Etc!


As I said in a previous blog….this business is a slow ball in motion but isn’t

that life for all of us!!


Just got news again from my label of my CD in Ohio




WBGU Bowling Green, OH


Rank Artist


Recording Label





The Changing Lights





Anthem For A New Day





The Invasion Parade

Mack Avenue




A Warm Embrace





Bring It Back

Jazz Village






Diggin The Day







The Complete Rebirth Of The Cool

Cellar Live





Merry Lane




Eight Track





Magic 201



Feel so Thankful!!


And The Adventures of Fredi and Her Lily Pad Band is almost complete!!


I have now gotten a prototype doll made from a woman in PA.  Debbie Dolls is the

company and I have two more being made to see different colored lips and nails.

Stay blessed and dig life it is beautiful each day!!

Diggin March


Diggin March!!

Last weekend I got notified from my record label BluJazz that my CD was number 5 
with WBGO in Bowling Green, OH.  

Rank  Artist   Recording     Label  User Supplied Version

1          DIANNE REEVES   Beautiful Life

2          SHERYL BAILEY    A Meeting Of Minds Cellar Live

3          HELEN SUNG          Anthem For A New Day      Concord

4          STACEY KENT        The Changing Lights          warner

5          MARSHA HEYDT AND THE PROJECT OF LOVE       Diggin The Day        Blujazz

It is so wonderful to be listed with these fine musicians.

I started my week by going to Manducatas Rustica in LIC, Queens.  It was a 
benefit with Queens Council of the Arts for scholarships for artists.  It was a 
very interesting event from modern dancers with a violinist, to eating with your 
fingers being  blindfolded.

Visited Sardis for a girls night in the middle of the week.  The place is 
reaping with history of artists especially if you were an actor/actress.   It is 
a must stop if you are in Times Square.  

I have ended my week by being in PA.  Went to my old high school to see Mr. 
Brandwine, how times have changed.  I was happy to see a saxophone ensemble 
played "Satin Doll."  Happy to see the school is still flourishing with the 

If you are in town March 22 please stop by the Garage the band will be playing 
the jazz brunch from 12noon - 4 pm. 

Diggin Reflection

So far in the month of February I have been diggin on reflection.

The Ed Sullivan Theater is famously known for having some of the most famous artist to be on that stage. Watching the Beatles tribute had me reflect on when I was on the stage with the David Lettermen show!  At that time in my life I worked at Sam Ash.  I thank Sam Ash Music Store for the many years of employment.  I learned alot about instruments, books and being a businessperson!  We lost Paul Ash this past month, which he was the son of Sam Ash.  He was such a great supporter to the arts and a very nice man.  He will be missed RIP PAUL!

So February is my birthday month.  This year was really a special time for me to enjoy many friends and family.  I had some very special dinners and on my birthday I went to see my repairman Tony Salembine.  He moved his work studio to Nutley, NJ.  It was great to see him in his new place and out of the hustle and bustle of working in Time Square.   Found out the Martha Stewart is from Nutley.  Very cute town!

Saw a dress rehearsal at the Met for Wether.  I would highly suggest seeing this opera.  I am not a big fan of watching Opera but the stage work and the musicians were absolutely spectacular.

There has been so much snow this past month here on the east coast that we have really enjoyed a Winter.  I was able to spend a few days in PA and it was really a joy to spend time with my parents.

I have ended the month by playing with my band at the Garage.  We played for over 200 people that day which is a wonderful gift.  I thank everyone that came out to hear the Project of Love.  People were very receptive to the music.

Keep on Diggin LIFE!