Diggin 2016

Digging LIFE in 2016



Today marks a year of the passing of my Father. It has been a year of sadness of missing him and the family that I used to have but I have had many positive events that have happened. I know throughout this past year he has been with me and enjoying all the special gifts that I have received.


The Garage Restaurant that I have performed at monthly for years has now closed its doors this past weekend. I want to Thank all the musicians that have worked with me throughout the years and to all the fans and friends that I have made.


Now to speak upon the events to be thankful for this past year.



As many of you have known I was working on a children’s book for years and right before Christmas it has been released on Amazon. I am so thankful for all the people that have helped to make this project come to fruition. I have learned so much and now the next book will be a lot easier to produce.



I am also grateful for all the creative work that I have received in 2015. So many things to be Thankful for in life!



I will blog much more in 2016. I want to wish everyone a wonderful year of Health, Laughter and Loving each day!

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