Happy Summertime!


I have just finished teaching a summer school. I am very grateful that I had the work but at this time I am happy to concentrate on other aspects of my life. This has been such a stressful, depressing and high anxiety year. Since my Father passed so quickly I have not had down time to regroup myself. I have only had to deal with one crazy situation to the next personally. But I have survived and I am refocused into being mindful of my environment.


On another note, I am sorry to say that at the end of this year the Garage will be closing its doors forever. The lease is up and as the story goes way to often in NYC the rent got raised and the building will be sold. As other landmarks in NY it will probably become a bank or some other silly business building instead of keeping it as a club that has been around for decades.


So please remember I am there with the Project of Love every fourth Saturday of the month for Brunch from 12pm – 4 pm. Hope to see you there.


On another musical note I am looking for a new place that I will be able to perform at once a month or more. If you know of a place that is a lovey atmosphere with food please let me know!


Soak up SUN and BBQ like there is no tomorrow!

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