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Diggin’ Fredi

In life, we make circles of experiences. This last month, I went back to my old elementary school that I attended as a child for workshops of my books. What a complete THRILL to have that as a full circle in my life.

I was so excited to share my books, love of music and life experiences. The children were very inquisitive finding out that I originally came from the area but proceeded to broaden my skills as a musician.

Favorite questions that the children asked were …..
How long have I had my saxophone?

I told the children that when I was 15, Santa gave it to me for Christmas. Santa wrote a note that said “Live your Dreams.” The teachers laughed and said that children would be asking Santa for instruments this coming year.

Another great question was…. Where did I get the idea to write stories upon frogs?

I told them that when I was teaching at an Elementary School in the Bronx, I would go into a second grade classroom and the teacher had the room filled with frogs. I remember that the school was a feeder for a homeless shelter and many of the students that went to the school had that type of home life or where in foster care. Saying that the children were so happy in the room and they loved frogs. I always did a rap about a frog named Freddie that was a tap dancer and the children enjoyed performing that piece. So that is how I got inspired to be on my frog journey!

What a complete blessing I had to be able to inspire young minds to love music, be creative and hopefully want to play an instrument. I told them if nothing else when they become adults to support the arts because it can change a persons life.

At the end of the day I was able to leave with a handful of Thank You notes and drawings that the students gave to me.

Diggin Life!