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Diggin John Blake Jr

Diggin the life of John Blake Jr. It is with a sadden heart with me that he departed last week. I first met John when I was a freshman at The University of the Arts. I was honored to be in several small group classes with him. He was so full of knowledge of the language of jazz and would often speak upon working with Grover Washington, McCoy Tyner, etc.   At times, John brought his son Jonathan to class and told us of how talented he was at playing drums. Well, at this time his son is a world famous jazz drummer traveling all over the world with his talent.

John took time to teach me privately on how to arrange for strings. I cannot thank him enough for encouraging me to be patient to develop my arranging skills.

Since my life after living in Philly I would see John throughout the years in NYC. We had lunch in midtown to catch up on music. I would go to see him perform at the Jazz Gallery or the Jazz Standard. Always being an incredible artist, teacher, human and friend.

Thank you for sharing your life with me and encouraging me to pursue my dream!


Feeling grateful of Diggin Life. I want to thank Marcus Bailey from I received an email from him last week where he informed me that he has been playing both of my CD’s on his radio program. His favorite song of all is my vocal song on my first CD “I Want You To Know”. I have thanked him and feel so grateful that he would write to me and tell me how he enjoyed my music. He will be doing a radio interview with me in the future when that transpires I will let you know and post it. Sometimes when you think is anyone listening or interested in your art someone comes knocking at your door or should I say you read it on email.


Stay true to yourself:))

Diggin the Summer

Diggin the summer. It has been several months since I have blogged and I

apologize to my readers for that….but now I am back.

The Project of Love has been keeping me busy as being a band leader and a



First, I want to thank Live at the Gantries for hiring me this year. For the

past 6 years I have been trying to perform at this outside venue at Gantry State

Park. This past year I was finally invited to perform so I took the first date

of the series. What an experience to perform outside. The location for this

performance is right on the East River over looking NYC. It is really a

beautiful site with the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline.


Needless to say, that day it was tremendously windy. The soundman was telling

me that in another hour when the band would play the wind would be a lot less

because the tide of the water would change and the wind would die down. Well

that did not happen. I was not able to perform on flute at all because of wind

hitting my face. Thank god the soundman had weights on him that we could

anchor down the music stands from blowing over but that did not stop my music

from blowing into the east river. I told the guys that my music will travel

throughout the world and touch other people.


Overall it was a wonderful experience. I want to Thank Vivian from the

Kupferberg Center of the Arts of Queens College. It proves to me to never give

up on something that you want in life even if it takes years and years for it to

come to existence. Please go on my Fan Page on Facebook if you would like to

see photos that were taken by Evelyn Dunn Steiner.