Monthly Archives: May 2014

By April

Wow the month of April has now closed.

Time is going very rapidly when the

school season is about to end. Had a

terrific time spending time with family over

Easter. So inspiring to walk out in nature

and watching the buds grow to see life

starting again for the season.

The Project of Love had a great gig at the

Garage. I was so thrilled to play in front of

a group of students from the midwest.

There was a girl that bought both of my

CD’s. I am happy to inspire girls to follow

whatever dream that they have in life.

I was also interviewed by a freshman

college student. He is originally from PA.

He is going to Hofstra University. It was

interesting to answer his questions that he

had for me for an assignment and for him to

know personally.

One of his questions was, “When did you

know when you wanted to be a musician?”

I told him that I always wanted to play

music. I have always enjoyed playing

infront of people and enjoyed practicing to

learn more things about music. I feel in

many ways music has saved my life and

has made me the person that I am today.

Stay Blessed