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January Ending

Well I  meant to post this note 10 days ago.  But my teaching schedule has 
really increased and once I get home and practice I am spent.  So over Martin 
Luther King weekend I went to PA.  Spent the time with family for birthdays and 
spending time with my babysitter that I had from childhood.  I am still very 
close with this Mennonite family that I stayed with as a  child.  What was so 
wonderful was that she turned a young 89th.  

I took an African Drumming Class in Brooklyn.  It was very interesting learning 
about all the different languages and religions from Guinea.   I use many songs 
in my teaching that are based from that country.  I ended my day by eating 
African food in Harlem.  That is the great thing of living in NYC,  you can eat 
any food that you would want to have.

Teaching has totally picked up.  I am teaching 12 recorder classes, coaching a 
7th and 9th grade band and teaching one class of each of kindergarten to second 
grade.  I have my private clientele of four students. Wow!! Very Grateful!! 

The Project of Love played a Thursday night this past month.  Of course no job 
is easy.  I thought I would just relax and warm up my horns that day, until I 
got a call from my drummer at 12 noon.  He informed me that he was sick and was 
not going to be able to play that night. So, thank God I was able to find 
someone to work with me after 2 hours but Jeez Louise what stress.  

The Adventures of Fredi and Her Lily Pad Band is 80% complete.  My illustrator 
and I have been having Skype meetings.  It is a great way for us to tweak the 

Stay Blessed!!

Diggin’ life in NYC

Diggin’ Life in NYC.

Week of 1/5/13

Wow cannot believe that we have finished the first week in January.  Started my week off on Sunday by teaching my favorite student on saxophone and then going to the Garage Restaurant.  My friend and colleague David Coss was singing and it was great to see him on stage.  My friend and fellow saxophonist Carol Sudhalter came to sit in with the band.  It was her birthday and she turned 71.  Wow, I have always admired her since I moved to NYC.  She sounds great and looks fantastic.  Bless Carol!

It was a challenge to come back to teaching this past week, because when I don’t teach, I have time to think about other projects for the Project of Love.

This past week, I had a student at one of my schools in Harlem, go completely out of control and broke my Charles Bay clarinet mouthpiece.  I thought I was going to just start crying in the class.  I teach at a school were students have many problems and they are placed into this school to help guide them to not go into gangs or to not end up in a juvenile home.  It is a challenge to instill the joy of learning and creating music when the children have so much anger and discipline issues. What is even sadder to me is the children have no empathy.  As the entire class saw how stressed and upset I was know one even said they were sorry.  Lesson that I have learned is that I will not take any of my equipment to the school any more.  So, if you know of a Charles Bay clarinet mouthpiece model MCM, please let me know.

On, Saturday I went to the annual APAP show in NYC.  This is a show that I have looked at for years to perform with my band but I have not wanted to spend the money.  To perform at the show it costs $700.00 and if you want to walk around the booths it costs $300.00 just to talk to people.  So, I went today to see what it is about.  Supposedly there are people in the industry that are there to hire you for cruise ships and festivals etc.  The Hilton is filled with hundreds if artists just wanting to see if they can possibly find any work.  It was interesting to watch the first showcase of the day. The announcer asked who was here from the industry and majority of the people were volunteers.  But, the great thing that happened is that I met Greg Pasenko who is the owner of the BluJazz label which is where my CD, “Diggin’ The Day” is distributed.

I ended my week with my good friend Milan.  We went and had  Thai food and went to the NY Philharmonic at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center.  It was so wonderful to listen to Beethoven, Shostakovich and Gershwin.

Talk to you next week of Diggin’ the Day

Please comment if you have any thoughts!!



Happy New Year

Happy New Year!


Wow the end of the year was very busy for me as I was Diggin My Days!

I just went through all the comments that have been sent to this blog (1200) to view and all of it was SPAM!


So, here is a description of what I did in the month of December.

First, musically was a great way to end the year.  I played at the Garage playing jazzy Christmas songs.  The establishment has a Christmas tree that hangs off of the ceiling. It makes you feel like you are with Doctor Seuss.  I also played a wedding and reception at the Lincoln Restaurant in NYC.  It was a long gig but everyone was very grateful for the music that I played in a Duo.  We played classical, Rhythm and Blues, salsa and jazz standards.  The party was so happy with the music that they hired me to play an extra hour.  Boy, my arms were tired the next day.

Teaching has been a little slow this season for me.  Hopefully I will pick up some more contracts in 2014.

Cooking was major in December.  I have made so many dishes and cookies that I just get dizzy thinking about it…..just to give you a sample of what I did…Cookies, snicker doodles, S, whoopie pies, oatmeal raisin, thumb print, butterscotch, peanut butter blossoms, tiger, lemon, and banana bread.  The holiday dishes turned out fantastic this year.  Here is a sampling of what I made for my family and friends, bacon rolled string beans, stuffed onions with sausage, artichoke dip, pigs in a blanket, spinach balls, meatballs, seafood bisque, butternut squash soup, smoked turkey, ham, sherry mushrooms with pasta, kale ziti, potato filling, cabbage with cranberries, etc.  I will be putting some of these recipes up on my other page of recipes.


The Adventures of Fredi and Her Lily Pad Band is 80% done.  Looking forward to having that released in 2014.


I will be blogging at least once a week of how I am diggin life.  Please share your comments with me of how you are enjoying your life!