Monthly Archives: November 2013

Welcome to Diggin the Day First Blog

Welcome to my new website of Marsha Heydt and the Project of Love.  In the process of having this blog I’m going to be writing upon various things of how I am Diggin my Day…it might be sharing music, food or just Diggin Life.

First, I want to thank everyone that helped to make my website come to life (photographers) Evelyn Steiner and Andrew Lepley. And a big Thank You to Jack Frisch for the design of the site!!

My second CD, “Diggin the Day”,  was released in September.   I am very happy with the progress of the promotion of the CD at this time.  Diggin the Day is being played on over 30 radio stations!!  Thank you to all the DJ’s playing my music!!

Please feel free to make comments or email me if you would like me to blog about something particular.

Keep Diggin’ Life!!