Diggin’ Private Students

Diggin’ private students! I have openings in my studio, which is conveniently located in Long Island City, New York. Students can study on saxophone, clarinet, flute and piano. Also, students can study via skype or facetime lessons. When a student studies with me you will be on a journey to discover what type of musician you want to become. Each lesson is structured for the needs of each individual. You will learn tone development, technique, improvisation and become diverse in playing many genres of music. I teach all ages from 5 to 90. Please email me at Marsha@marshaheydt.com.

Diggin’ Fredi

In life, we make circles of experiences. This last month, I went back to my old elementary school that I attended as a child for workshops of my books. What a complete THRILL to have that as a full circle in my life.

I was so excited to share my books, love of music and life experiences. The children were very inquisitive finding out that I originally came from the area but proceeded to broaden my skills as a musician.

Favorite questions that the children asked were …..
How long have I had my saxophone?

I told the children that when I was 15, Santa gave it to me for Christmas. Santa wrote a note that said “Live your Dreams.” The teachers laughed and said that children would be asking Santa for instruments this coming year.

Another great question was…. Where did I get the idea to write stories upon frogs?

I told them that when I was teaching at an Elementary School in the Bronx, I would go into a second grade classroom and the teacher had the room filled with frogs. I remember that the school was a feeder for a homeless shelter and many of the students that went to the school had that type of home life or where in foster care. Saying that the children were so happy in the room and they loved frogs. I always did a rap about a frog named Freddie that was a tap dancer and the children enjoyed performing that piece. So that is how I got inspired to be on my frog journey!

What a complete blessing I had to be able to inspire young minds to love music, be creative and hopefully want to play an instrument. I told them if nothing else when they become adults to support the arts because it can change a persons life.

At the end of the day I was able to leave with a handful of Thank You notes and drawings that the students gave to me.

Diggin Life!

Diggin’ Spring

Diggin’ Spring!!

Yes for anyone that reads my blog it has been many months, actually a year since I have blogged.  I have been working on many things with myself and transforming my thoughts, creativity and physically into better health for myself.

I am so Grateful and Thankful that I have released my second children’s book, “Fredi and her Lilypad Band go to Portugal.”  The book is available on Amazon and if you would like an autographed book you can write to me and I can personally mail the book or books to you.

Wish everyone new adventures in Spring.

Digging’ a Book Reading

Happy Spring!!

Time is traveling in fast time for me. Hard to believe that I have not worked my band for 3 months. I have been happy to have the time off so that I have been able to work on my book.

I had a wonderful book reading at Bank Street Book Store in February. Please go to my page on Facebook to see the photos from Evelyn Dunn Steiner.

Very excited to participate with my book at the Amity Learning Center in PA at the end of this month. I will be having an assembly with the first and second graders at the school.

I am getting ready in the next week to start my second book called “Fredi and her Lilypad Band Go To Portugal”

Please get in contact with me if you would like me to be a guest at your library, school assembly, education conferences or book store.

Diggin’ Fredi

Diggin Fredi

Diggin The Adventure of Fredi

This month is marking the release of my children’s book. I have now advertised a video on Facebook to let people know about my new adventure in life. I am very happy to state that in 72 hours I have gotten close to 2,000 views of my video.


I will be having my first story telling at Banks Street Books in NYC on February 21, 2016 at 10:30 am, located at 780 Broadway, New York, NY 10025.

Very thrilling to be at this bookstore it is very well known for the wonderful educational books they carry for children.

If you are in town please stop by and check out Fredi.

Stay Blessed

Digging the Adventures of Fredi and her Lilypad Band

Diggin The Adventures of Fredi and her Lilypad Band


In January I had a lovely right up in Hot House Magazine from Elzy Kolb.


Here is the Article if you were not able to get a copy of Hot House…


One Door Opens

A lifelong appreciation for music usually begins with early exposure, and Marsha Heydt is doing all she can to give youngsters a jumpstart. A teaching artist in New York City for 20 years, this saxophonist, composer and author saw that most children don’t get a grassroots level of exposure to music in school and resolved to do something about it. “People don’t know about music; they do not know what a saxophone is. But children get excited when they see instruments and think they might want to play,” Heydt points out. “People think music is just for fun, for recess time. But teaching someone to play music has a whole grab bag of benefits; they get confident, discover things, build joy, learn to work in community, socialize, work together. These are all tools to being successful in life.” To present music basics to five- to eight-year-old readers, Heydt has written a new book, The Adventures of Fredi and Her Lilypad Band. Its colorfully illustrated characters—all frogs—introduce musical instruments and explain how each generates sound. The accompanying workbook, Connect the Dots with Fredi, includes age-appropriate information about science, culture and related topics. Since many schools don’t devote much time to music, Heydt designed the books to work in other situations, like science and math classes. “There’s a layering of use, so the book can cross over into other classes. And it has classroom ideas for doing rhythm exercises, body percussion, hand percussion, playing recorder or other instruments and improvising. You can use it on many levels,” Heydt explains. Lest you think the adventures of Fredi and friends are all work and no play, the book includes puzzles, games and instructions for dancing the cha cha. The idea of creating the book has been percolating in Heydt’s mind for a while, so much so that her most recent CD, Diggin’ the Day (BluJazz), includes an original tune called “Fredi’s Cha Cha,” inspired by the title character. Her goal is to produce a series of publications for kids and, ultimately, a cartoon. Heydt plans to play “Fredi’s Cha Cha” at an informal book release celebration at the family-friendly brunch at Garage on Jan. 3 where listeners can count on the saxophonist to serve up some originals along with standards by Thelonious Monk, Horace Silver, Herbie Hancock and even some Stevie Wonder. As excited as she is about the release of The Adventures of Fredi and Her Lilypad Band, Heydt is saddened that Jan. 3 is also the swan song for Garage, where she’s often performed over the past decade. She’s planning on incorporating the classic “Blue Skies” into her set, keeping an optimistic eye on the future and sending best wishes to everyone in Garage’s extended family.





I appreciate the energy that Elzy took to write about me. I am very grateful.


Diggin 2016

Digging LIFE in 2016



Today marks a year of the passing of my Father. It has been a year of sadness of missing him and the family that I used to have but I have had many positive events that have happened. I know throughout this past year he has been with me and enjoying all the special gifts that I have received.


The Garage Restaurant that I have performed at monthly for years has now closed its doors this past weekend. I want to Thank all the musicians that have worked with me throughout the years and to all the fans and friends that I have made.


Now to speak upon the events to be thankful for this past year.



As many of you have known I was working on a children’s book for years and right before Christmas it has been released on Amazon. I am so thankful for all the people that have helped to make this project come to fruition. I have learned so much and now the next book will be a lot easier to produce.



I am also grateful for all the creative work that I have received in 2015. So many things to be Thankful for in life!



I will blog much more in 2016. I want to wish everyone a wonderful year of Health, Laughter and Loving each day!

Diggin Fall

Diggin the Fall Days!

So happy to be up and running with my fall schedule!

This year my teaching is very different from what I have ever done in the past!  I am getting up very early 
every day to be at school at 8 am!  So my sharpest time now seems to be in the early part of the day
instead of creating late at night.  I feel so blessed to be in the position that I am in because of teaching 
music.  At 8 am every day I am doing long tones on a woodwind instrument.  

My new habit is to meditate in the morning before I leave and have everything organized for the day.  

My first children's book will be released by the end of November.  It is very exciting to be able to get this 
project up and running.  I will be making a big announcement when it will be available on Amazon and 
where I will be having book signings!

Fun Fall Follies!

Diggin’ Phil Woods

Diggin Phil Woods,

I wanted to reflect on hearing and having the privilege to be in the presence of Phil Woods. At the age of 83, Phil Woods announced last week in a concert in PA, that he was retiring from playing the Saxophone.

At the young age of 16, my mother took me to a concert in Reading, PA to see Phil and his band performing at the Rajah Theater now known as the Sovereign Performing Arts Center. I have such fond memories of going there throughout my childhood with my mother and her friends to see off Broadway shows and concerts.

Seeing Phil Woods that day changed my life to how I am today. As I watched Phil I sat there in awe of his fabulous sound and flawless technique. I knew this is how I wanted to lead my life of playing the Saxophone.

I have had the pleasure of meeting him at the Blue Note in NYC when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. He did not give the appearance of being a happy go lucky man but a man that was frustrated with how the music business treated him and his career through the years. Even though he was bitter, I thanked him for his creativity and how his sound was something that I could always recognize as the same as other legends such as Parker, Coltrane, Rollins…etc.

As it is an honor to get old it is also a fact that if you do not take care of yourself you will have to give up your craft. I have known for years that he walked around with an oxygen tank and he would just take it off just to play. I wonder if he stopped smoking early in his life and was mindful I his health ….would he have had to stop playing at 83?


Diggin Life!

Diggin’ August

Diggin August!


I am on my second week of being off from teaching! I have so many things to get accomplished this month! My children’s book, The Adventures Of Fredi And her Lily Pad Band is getting very close to finally being done. As some of you know, this has been a project that I have been working on for years. I am starting to look for joint venture partners for my release.   Launch date is going to be in November. I have now opened a Twitter account to help promote my book. Please start following me at @MarshaHeydt.


I am also very excited to say that I have a rough draft of my second book. The book is called The Adventure Of Fredi And Her Lily Pad Band Go To Portugal. I am very happy and grateful to feel creative with books, music and food.


Feeling Very Blessed