Marsha has been crafting her science as a music teacher for many years. She offers different types of residencies for all ages and can create programs suitable for any project while working with a music director to enhance and advance his or her music program.

She has taught university programs to music education majors on the approach of teaching beginning woodwind instruments. Other types of residencies can include playing the Blues. This program can be introduced to beginner and advance students on the approach to improvising the blues by the pentatonic scale or by step approach from the roots of the chord. Upper Elementary to Middle school students can learn song writing. This approach is through the spoken word by creating poetry and putting non tonal to tonal instruments with guided rhythms to the words.

Younger children can enjoy readings from her book “The Adventures of Fredi and Her Lily Pad Band”. This book covers sound and vibration, which can be incorporated into a science class.

Private practice has been a passion of Marsha’s, teaching all ages from beginners to advanced students privately on saxophone, flute, clarinet, recorder and piano.

She offers lessons in her studio in LIC, NY or by Skype. Purchase of Skype lessons can be made through her pay pal account. Each lesson is crafted towards the needs and wants of each student. Some students prefer to learn jazz or classical music, others just want to craft there tone and music reading abilities. She is available for clinics in-group instruction. Her expertise includes composition, transcription and jazz arrangements.

For rates for clinics or private lessons please E-mail me at

Throughout the years I have taught at the following institutions:

The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music

Hunter College

Harlem School of the Arts

Promise Academy

New York Pops,

Midori and Friends

Manhattan School of Music

The Collegiate School